Human Trafficking Training, Education, and Technical Assistance Programs

We equip organizations and individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to address human trafficking in our community through six main initiatives: multi-disciplinary collaboration, education and awareness, training, technical assistance, survivor leadership, and community engagement.

As the backbone organization of a 70+ organization membership coalition called Greater Cleveland Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking, we provide strategic leadership to create social change.
While we do not charge for our human trafficking trainings and programs, we do ask that you consider a donation to the Collaborative to enable us to continue our important work.

Human Trafficking Education

Understanding the complexities of human trafficking is the first step to combating it. Learn about the basics, facts, myths and more.

Human Trafficking Training

Trauma-informed human trafficking training programs for service providers, businesses and organizations that are tailored for your industry.

Technical Assistance

Assisting organizations and providers with tailored support to inform and enhance the response to human trafficking in a results-driven approach.

Survivor Leadership

Survivors are the experts offering invaluable insights in prevention and anti-human trafficking efforts by advising the community and beyond.

Community Engagement

Everyone plays a role in combatting human trafficking and there are numerous ways to effect change by becoming a community ambassador.