Survivor Leadership

Survivors are primary stakeholder in the anti-trafficking field, and survivor leaders offer invaluable insight and expertise. At the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking we affirm that survivors are the experts!

Anti-trafficking efforts can only be successful with comprehensive inclusion of diverse professionals, including survivor leaders. Our Survivor Advisory Council members offer insight into the anti-trafficking field through application, adaptation and validation. Their insights gained through lived experiences and professional endeavors will highly impact the fight against human trafficking within Northeast Ohio and beyond. 

Apply to join the Survivor Advisory Council today! Applications can be found here.

Areas of Contribution:

  • Conduct Education, Training & Technical Assistance
  • Provide expert feedback on Training and Education content creation
  • Create content for various social media outlets
  • Consult with various Collaborative partners and members
  • Advise Collaborative partners as they develop various policies, procedures and tools relevant to their work
Collaborative to End Human Trafficking Survivor Advisory Council

Please welcome our Survivor Advisory Council members:

  • Harold D’Souza
  • China Darrington
  • Annette Mango
  • Jasmine Myers
  • Khalila Riga
  • Andrea Mittman Thomas
  • Rebecca Tucker
  • Taylor Venezuela