When I first saw Sophia walking into the lobby of our hotel, I knew there was something wrong right away. Her body looked tired and worn, and her eyes held a distant and hallow look about them. The man who accompanied her handled the check-in process as her gaze stayed fixed and her head hung low. Sophia’s timid demeanor was palpable.  

Just a month prior, the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking had trained our hotel staff about what trafficking looked like in our area, and the specific indicators to be aware of within the hospitality industry. I learned about what sex trafficking looks like in our area and how to respond appropriately. 

As the man hastily tossed his license across the counter, I took a mental note of his license address and was curious about the close proximity in which he was purchasing a hotel room.  

“What brings you two in this afternoon?” I asked casually. Trying to gain any information I could, inconspicuously.  

“Oh, just bringing my step-daughter to the big concert tonight.” he responded quickly.  

As the evening progressed, my spidey sense was triggered again as step-dad walked out of the front lobby door without Sophia. Within the next hour, two men walked in and out past the front desk without ever stopping at the front desk. It was at that point when I decided to make a call to our local taskforce.  

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The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking works to provide training, expertise, and connections in the community, so that survivors of human trafficking like Sophia can get the comprehensive help and care they need and deserve, to recover and heal from their experience.

You can help ensure that survivors like Sophia can get the help and care they need and deserve.  Please make your gift today.

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